SIONYX acquires Amigen, names new CTO

Silicon-based photonics company SIONYX announced the acquisition of American Imaging Engineering (Amigen), a thermal imaging system provider. The move adds the founder and President of Amigen, Jeffrey Lee, as Chief Technology Officer of SIONYX’s commercial products division. Lee is a product visionary who has led many of the industry’s thermal imaging innovations in his over 20 years of category growth.
“Our mission at SIONYX has always been to create innovative low-light products that help professionals and enthusiasts do more in the dark,” said Robert Pignataro, General Manager of the Commercial Product Division of SIONYX. “Bringing Amigen’s proprietary software in-house at SIONYX will allow for further development and integration into a wider range of markets and provide a wealth of sophisticated options for our customers.”
Drawing on extensive expertise, Amigen has a track record developing a diverse range of products thanks to its digital imaging fusion software, which fuses thermal with visible sensors for direct view and low-power systems. Amigen’s technology has found successful applications in defense, sporting/hunting, and related markets that benefit from night vision. The acquisition will pave the way for accelerated product design and development of integrated color digital and thermal night vision technologies and products.
“The entire organization and I are enthusiastic about this merger,” said Jeff Lee, CTO of SIONYX. “We envision a future where digital and thermal night vision becomes as ubiquitous as the mobile phone camera. Our combined technologies, talents, and resources will empower us to bring our game-changing technologies to market faster. Our night vision product solutions highlight the best of consumer functionality and military performance, making our customers’ jobs and daily lives safer and easier.”

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