ABYC technical VP reappointed as ISO small craft committee chair

This August, Craig Scholten, American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) technical vice president, has been reappointed as chair of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) 188 Small Craft until the end of 2026.

“I am pleased and honored to serve another three-year term as chair of ISO TC 188,“ said Scholten. “We have made excellent improvements to enhance boating safety and made major gains in standardizing global boat building requirements. Boating is enjoyed around the world and our work has a major impact on future products as well as the satisfaction of the experience.”

The ISO central secretariat congratulated Scholten’s demonstrated skills and leadership capabilities as chair of the committee, thanking him for his continued collaboration efforts. ABYC President John Adey also praised Scholten stating, “Every boatbuilder who exports product benefits from Craig’s appointment. The respect that Craig has earned over the years has a very positive influence over the standards and regulatory policies in Europe and all over world.”

Working groups within ISO TC 188 continually develop and create over 80 Small Craft documents utilized in the design, construction, and testing of recreational boats up to 24 meters. The industry experts on TC 188 possess valuable insights that enhance overall boating safety, contributing to a global reduction in accidents. This work facilitates trade and makes it possible for consumers to purchase boats from other countries with a consistent level of safety.

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