Shurhold celebrates 50 years

Shurhold Industries, a manufacturer of professional-grade boat cleaning and maintenance products, is celebrating its golden anniversary. Throughout the past 50 years, its knowledge-sharing approach has inspired generations of owners to embrace their can-do spirits by working on their boats and taking pride in their accomplishments.

A classic American success story, Shurhold Industries began in a garage in 1973 with William E. Peach making a unique interchangeable brush and handle that became the cornerstone of the company’s product line, the “One Handle Does It All” system. After 25 years of building the company and nearing retirement, Peach and his wife Mercy decided to sell it. The couple hand-picked Barry Berhoff, a young entrepreneur and someone whom they saw as Shurhold’s new guiding light.

Berhoff recognized Shurhold’s untapped potential and set the company on a success trajectory through process modernization, marketing, product innovation and expanding to export, RV and automotive markets. He also built a company around the idea that it would support boat owners’ passions by providing not just versatile, professional-grade detailing solutions, but also empowering them with the knowledge and enthusiasm to use them.

“We’ve always felt that cleaning and maintaining a boat should be an easy and enjoyable process,” said Berhoff, company CEO. Shurhold offers hundreds of up-to-date educational videos and articles on all aspects of boating, along with highly-skilled personalized assistance. “Our greatest satisfaction is when we hear about a boat owner who has taken the time to share a tip with someone; it’s that organic ripple effect of passing on useful boat care information from one generation to the next and inspiring a sense of self-reliance in others that has guided the company’s direction for 50 years.”

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