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The real unemployment rate, Part 2

After my post last week on “The real unemployment rate” a reader posted a comment asking how this compares to past years. It’s a good question, so here you go. While the report I cited didn’t look at that, the government’s numbers can be helpful here. One of the problems with the unemployment rate that is usually widely cited is ...

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U.S. economy adds 217,000 jobs in May, unemployment holds steady

The Bureau of Labor Statistics delivered good news today with the announcement that total nonfarm payroll rose by 217,000 in May. It wasn’t enough to move the unemployment rate, which remains steady at 6.3 percent. These numbers are a concrete indicator that, however slowly, the U.S. economy has reached pre-recession employment levels and GDP is on track to grow at ...

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Employment up 175K, Unemployment Ticks up to 7.6%

A highly anticipated jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics came in largely as a wash today, June 7, 2013. For more on this week’s leading economic indicators, check out this week’s Friday Economic Snapshot that includes everything except today’s BLS figures. From the BLS: Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 175,000 in May, and the unemployment rate was ...

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