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Wisconsin dealers exude enthusiasm for coming season

I had the privilege of visiting seven dealers in the state of Wisconsin last week: Nestegg Marine, Shipyard Marine, Gage Marine, Gordy’s Lakefront Marine, Reed’s Marine, Don’s Marine and SkipperBud’s of Madison. I am thankful each dealer took the time to let me tour their facilities during an incredibly busy time while getting boats ready for the short season of ...

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If you’ve got it, if you’ve done it, flaunt it

By Jim Ackerman and Paul Furse -- For most dealers, your trophies go largely unnoticed, to the detriment of your sales. Wait. What trophies? Not just races won or awards given, although they’re part of the mix, but also the training, credentials, certifications, experience and history of your dealership. You see, most dealers simply take the ads slicks they’ve been ...

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What we all can learn from a mouse

Everyone in line at Disney knew what the cost of the food was, but they still got in line and paid the price. This is no different than someone who uses SeeDealerCost.com, goes to a dealership and then buys the boat.

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Dealer Cost vs. Customer Service and Loyalty

In the end, it is not going to matter whether or not the consumer knows what a dealer pays for a boat from the manufacturer. In the end, what matters most to consumers is the level of customer service that they receive. What matters most is that the consumer feels that they received the best value for what they have purchased.

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New SBA rules: What does this mean for your boat dealership?

By Bill Thompson, Cardinal Points Network — Throughout the summer Congress bantered about the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, touting it as the next brick to rebuilding our economy.  The Act was finally signed into law in late September.  Now the question is what does this mean to a boat dealership? While the boat industry has concentrated discussion around ...

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Do your customers know who you are?

By Christopher Kourtakis, director of sales and marketing, 360° Industry Solutions — As I stood in a local dealership the other day, a customer who just purchased a boat from the dealership had a few questions and looked a little lost. So, I went up to the gentleman and asked him if I could point him in the right direction. ...

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