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The No. 1 non-technical way to win with your website

Let’s continue our conversation about winning dealership websites from last month, but first, let’s test your football knowledge: Do you know what the probability of an NFL team scoring when their starting field position is inside their own 20 yard line? How about starting around mid-field? In the red zone (inside the opponent’s 20 yard line)? I’ll share the answers ...

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What the big Facebook News Feed change means for you

As many people are lamenting the change in Facebook algorithm that will likely impact many in the boating industry, it prompts a question in my mind. But, before we get to the question, here is the change that has the digital marketing world gossiping like a gaggle of teenagers. Mark Zuckerberg – the founder and CEO of Facebook – made ...

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Make this your Top 100 year to shine

When we look at the dealers that apply for the Boating Industry Top 100, one of the most important factors is how they improve from year to year. No matter how good a company is, it can always get better. That is what makes the best dealers stand out from the thousands of boat dealers in North America. And like ...

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