Brunswick installs new solar array

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Brunswick Corporation’s Venture Group (BVG), which comprises the company’s Bayliner, Heyday, Trophy, Quicksilver and Uttern boat brands, has announced the installation of an array of photovoltaic solar panels at its location in Vila Nova de Ceveira, Portugal. The new array, which sits atop a 3,000-square-meter segment of the facility’s roof, comprises 535 panels that will generate approximately 40% of the location’s daily electricity needs.

The renewable energy generated by the solar array is projected to provide as much as 375,251 kWh per year, equivalent to about 162 metric tons of CO2.

According to Brunswick Corporation Chief Sustainability Officer Jennifer Koenig, the new array in Vila Nova de Ceveira supports Brunswick’s enterprise goal to source 50% of electricity needs from renewable sources by 2030.

“As the world’s largest recreational marine manufacturer, we are committed to pioneering sustainable business practices in the marine industry,” said Koenig. “We believe it is our responsibility to serve as environmental stewards of our natural resources and our ongoing investment in renewable energy is one way we can continue to reduce our carbon footprint.”

The solar array is latest in a series of sustainability-minded upgrades implemented by the Vila Nova de Ceveira location. Other recent enhancements include on-site electric vehicle charging stations, 100% LED lighting throughout the facility, and waste reduction initiatives.

“This initiative is the beginning of a larger project, one that our employees are very engaged in,” said Benoit Verley, Venture Group president. “The reduction of our carbon footprint is part of everything we do at our Portugal facility and our employees are not only motivated by the installation of solar panels but are already coming up with new initiatives to continue our sustainability mission.”

Brunswick announced its first solar project in 2017 with the installation of a 2,000‑panel array at its Mercury Marine division’s European headquarters in Petit‑Rechain, Belgium.  Earlier this year, Brunswick announced it had signed a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with Vesper Energy to offset a majority of the projected electrical power needs of Brunswick’s global operations through clean solar energy.

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