Suntex completes integration with Westrec

Suntex Marina Investors, LLC (Suntex) announced it has completed its integration with Westrec Marina’s following the recent announcement of the two companies’ merger. Suntex has transitioned its leadership team, general managers and all employees to its payroll system and has begun the undertaking of a complete rebranding of the acquired properties, including updating logos, signage and websites. In addition, capital expenditure projects throughout the Westrec properties have been identified and are currently in the planning stages.

“To project forward a year or two I would hope that this transaction will be seen as the major catalyst for two things,” said Bryan Redmond, CEO, Suntex Marinas. “The first is the creation of the first true experiential-based brand in the marina space – a brand that is genuinely focused day in and day out on providing not just a place to store a yacht or boat, but a place that creates a real sense of community and great memories across all spectrums of the boating lifestyle. In addition, after incorporating the Westrec team, we hope that our combined company cultures will attract the best and brightest looking to make a career out of doing what they love and help market a career in marina management across the entire hospitality industry. Whether you are looking for a career or to sell your marina, we are here to help you succeed. Join the Suntex family.”

“Our decision to sell was based on the Suntex people and company culture and we had a desire to be a part of something special that really only these two companies can create, a platform for the future,” said Bill Anderson, president of Westrec. “I am so pleased with the results of this transition so far and am confident that the Suntex brand will be a benefit to our properties that they have acquired. I encourage anyone with a marina who is looking to become part of an incredible brand, contact the Suntex team and join them like we did.”

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