It’s not too late to ELEVATE 2021

Boating Industry Elevate Summit 2021

Do you love to learn? Do you enjoy expanding your network of industry colleagues? Do you like sharing best practices, information and insights, especially during extraordinary times like these? Do you simply like to hang out with people from the boating industry?

If you said yes to any, or all, of those things, then we have just the place for you. It’s the ELEVATE Summit Conference in Atlanta, November 8-10. If you’re wondering what makes ELEVATE so great, here are a few things to consider. 

Wouldn’t you like to hear from boat builders, and engine manufacturers and top dealers and your other industry colleagues about how they are handling these challenges? What’s worked and what hasn’t? You can.

Wouldn’t you like to find out how macroeconomic conditions such as GDP growth, interest rates, unemployment, inflation, currency movements, the housing market, demographics, and wage growth are impacting your business? You can.

Wouldn’t you like to get some insights and unique perspectives on the industry from some of the most accomplished women in the industry? You can.

The head of the business acceleration unit at the largest marine company in the U.S. says we are at a critical inflection point as the world around us changes so rapidly. And that how the boating business uses some recent tailwinds will shape its future. New customers? New design trends? New products? Want to hear more about the industry – and customer – of tomorrow? You can.

When the pandemic first hit the industry hard, the page views and audience engagement metrics of Boating Industry shot up dramatically. As demand for the products you produce all went up, so did the demand for the products we produce.

Why? Because of an increased interest in business insights and analytics. Especially during times when there is so much uncertainty around so many issues, people look to data to help them make sense of it all, to spot patterns and trends and get the big picture.

Well guess what? At ELEVATE we are going to give you lots of data to dig into. 

We’ll have the founder of the only market intelligence company serving the boating industry. He’ll provide some in-depth information you need to better understand your market and increase customer loyalty.

Boating Industry editor-in-chief David Gee and managing editor Adam Quandt will present dealer metrics, market share reports and more in the Market Data Book session. And that will be followed by a data analyst from our parent company EPG Media who will present some unique information and insights from our Consumer Panel.  

We get that there is still some uncertainty around travel. But we are certain if you do come to Atlanta for ELEVATE, it will not only be of immeasurable benefit to you, but also benefit the entire recreational boating industry.

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