CNBC Special Report: Boating’s big boom

CNBS says boating boom will continue

“Even before the Covid-19 pandemic left many Americans stuck at home, boating was on the rise. The boom has been fueled in part by innovations that make boats easier to use, new models of drawing customers — such as boat clubs and subscriptions — and a push to attract a broader swath of the American population.”

That’s from a recent CNBC Special Report on the boating boom. The piece highlights the growth and sales spikes in the recreational boating industry and makes a case for why it could last, in a nearly 13-minute video – Why the boating industry’s boom could carry on for a long time.

The story provides a historic look at boat sales, shines a spotlight on boating trends from new innovations to shifting demographics, and includes several interviews with analysts and industry leaders that illustrate why the future is bright for boating in America.

“I think the sustainability of this demand spike has surprised a lot of people. To be honest, it surprised me a little bit, but I think it shows you the staying power that boating has,” Raymond James analyst Joe Altobello says in the video.

The report also features some metrics and data from Grow Boating including audience engagement that is up 90% in the 18-24-year-old segment YoY and 41% among women.

“We think actually, this demand spike does have legs and will sustain itself for the next next couple of years,” added Altobello.

Be forewarned, there are some inaccuracies, both factual, and in spots where the supporting video or b-roll doesn’t match the audio. They show an old wooden commercial fishing trawler when talking about aluminum fishing boats, an inflatable when talking about trailering boats, etc. One industry analyst even has a soundbite about changing technology where he talks about having to shift ballast and passengers during water skiing back in the day. I assume he meant wake surfing, but CNBC could have used a producer or outside expert who knows more about boating.

Regardless, it’s an overwhelmingly positive piece and certainly provides some great exposure via the mainstream media to the general public. Click here to access the article and video report from CNBC.

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