MRAA launches Training ‘N’ Tactics educational series

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announced that it will launch a new monthly educational series, Training ‘N’ Tactics (or “TNT” for short), to provide training and foster team development for member dealers.

“This new monthly series is designed as a turnkey way for members to introduce a training curriculum in their dealerships,” said Matt Gruhn, MRAA President. “Our Silver and Gold members have access to a wide range of courses, but with TNT we’ve done the work of curating courses on today’s most timely topics.”

TNT was built to help members take full advantage of the resources and videos within the e-learning vault and assist them in training, onboarding and business practices to further develop their teams. It’s also a natural extension of the MRAA annual conference and expo dedicated to delivering insights, strategies and trending information to marine dealers and suppliers. Beginning in February, MRAA will highlight a different session, and offer guidance on how to use it as a tool within the dealership.

“We are committed to helping our member dealers strive for improvement by sharing with them a compelling training program using our existing educational content,” said Liz Walz, MRAA Vice-President. “We have heard that some members don’t know where to start with team training. The TNT ‘meeting-in-a-box’ format gives them direction and a monthly topic to focus on, so they can quickly get their teams implementing practical tactics for improving the business.”

How do MRAA Silver and Gold Members use TNT? The series is designed to be as flexible as your team, and offers tactical advice for today’s market. Some dealerships may choose to partake as a team over the lunch hour. Other members could assign everyone to watch each session individually and then gather at a later time, because the real benefit will come after the session, when teams engage in discussion about the ideas these videos generate. Finally, after the session and group discussion, dealers can build a plan for implementing their new strategies within each of their unique businesses.

The monthly training sessions starts Tuesday, February 2, with “A is for Attitude” by Sam Dantzler, speaker and co-owner of Wheelhouse College. Dantzler dives into attitudes, environments, science, positivity and massive thinking. It’s an ideal topic and course for the start of 2021. The following month features educator Valerie Ziebron’s “Attract and Keep Techs or Build a Service Dream Team.” The March topic is applicable as ever, with the entry of so many new first-time boat owners, as service teams and strong tech support will prove to be a game-changing focal point in 2021. The remaining monthly content will include timely subjects like content marketing, video and digital efforts, navigating difficult customers, the pre-owned boat market and more.

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