More than 500 dealers registered for Dealer Week

Some 530 dealers have already registered for the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas’ Dealer Week annual conference. Registrations accelerated rapidly with the announcement that the conference would be held online.

“We took a calculated risk this year, making the decision to delay the creation of our educational programming to help us ensure that our courses meet the needs of the evolving market place,” said Matt Gruhn, MRAA President. “We saw our normal early-registration curve pushed back by the uncertainty the pandemic caused, but we have believed all along that, with the move to an online environment, followed quickly by the announcement of a powerful educational line-up, the dealers would find great value in the event. And that’s exactly what we have seen happen.”

Dealer Week’s planned registration launch, scheduled for April, was delayed until June due to COVID-19.

“Now that we have the ability to communicate exactly how Dealer Week will deliver its educational programming and exactly what that educational line-up will entail, dealers are taking a look at the agenda, seeing the value and signing up,” says Mike Davin, MRAA Brand Director. “The online format is different than past MRAA conferences, but the core of the conference hasn’t changed, and it’s actually easier for dealers to attend than it has ever been, with dealer registration at half of previous rates, no travel costs and the ability to stream the sessions to any device you’d like.”

The annual conference of the MRAA, Dealer Week offers insights, ideas and inspiration for dealers to use as they begin preparing for 2021.

“The 2020 selling season was one of the most up-and-down years ever,” says Liz Walz, Vice President of MRAA. “With the uncertainty that many expect to persist into 2021, MRAA continues to do everything it can to help answer questions, provide solutions and give dealers every opportunity find greater success in the year ahead. That’s why we exist, and it’s something we are very passionate about.”

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