MRAA launches COVID-19 resource for boat dealers

In the first of a multi-step plan to support marine dealers with their response to the coronavirus and ensuing economic challenges, the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) has launched a webpage with resources for the industry to tap into.

The page will be updated daily with new resources as they become available.

“If you’re like our team, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the resources, information and advice you’re receiving in regard to COVID-19,” explains MRAA Vice President Liz Walz. “Some of it applies to you as a marine retailer, and some of it doesn’t.

“Our goal at MRAA is to meet you where you’re at and be here when you’re ready with as much of the information and education you need as possible — not because we’re experts on the virus, but rather because the way we see it, it’s our job to collect insight from experts on what you might need to make decisions today and tomorrow.”

To begin with, the MRAA’s COVID-19 resource page, available at, provides a listing of national- and state/province-provided resources for small businesses in the United States and Canada. They include links to organizations like the U.S. Center for Disease Control, Small Business Administration, the Society for Human Resource Management, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Employment and Social Development Canada.

In addition, the site includes links to useable resources like sample communication plans, social distancing guidelines for the workplace and more. Also listed are links to several articles with worthwhile insights into how dealers might consider navigating today’s uncertainty. They include a list of employer FAQs for responding to the coronavirus from workforce attorneys and a National Law Review article, “The Emergency Coronavirus Bill: What Employers Need to Know Regarding the Legislative Response to COVID-19.”

“The MRAA exists solely to serve and fuel the success of our dealer body,” states Matt Gruhn, MRAA President. “In a time of uncertainty like we’re facing today, MRAA has refocused all of its energy on providing critical insights and resources that will help dealers gain clarity and make informed decisions about their business.” 

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