ABYC announces 11th annual Standards Week

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), the nonprofit organization that develops the safety standards for the design, construction, maintenance and repair of recreational boats, has announced its 11th annual ABYC Standards
Week, Jan. 6-10, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

ABYC standards cover all major boat systems and a broad range of topics including U.S. Federal requirements. The standards are continuously reviewed and revised by over 400 volunteers participating in Project Technical Committees (PTCs). Throughout Standards Week, PTCs meet to update the standards under review.

“The ABYC Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft has become the de facto boating safety standard in North America, and Standards Week is all about improving this standard to save lives and property,” said James Cote, marine electric and corrosion consultant/surveyor, Cote Marine LLC. “Attending ABYC Standards Week is my opportunity to make a difference in the marine community.”

Participation in the process is required from a diverse group of marine industry professionals, with different perspectives and areas of expertise. Attendees learn what standards are being revised or newly considered and how it could affect the future of boating. All are welcome to have a voice in the standards development process.

“SeaStar Solutions/Dometic has been actively participating in ABYC for many decades,” said Brian Dudra, Dometic vice president & general manager. “ABYC provides an open, structured forum to discuss and question new trends and technology, and offers diverse representation to
provide historic, as well as forward looking perspectives.”

Below is a list of the PTC meetings and topics that will be covered this year:
 Electrical: Lithium Batteries, electrical systems
 Hull Performance: Cockpit drainage, capacity labels, visibility from the helm
 Control Systems: Wireless controls, zone of protection, emergency cut-off devices,
hybrid steering systems
 Electrical Component: Inverters, chargers, battery switches,
 Hull and Deck Structures: Towed water sports attachment points, seat structures, handholds
 Navigation Lights and Sound Signals: LED navigation lights, sound signals
 Hull Piping: Bilge pumps, water systems, seacocks, thru-hull fittings
 Fuel and Ventilation: Diesel fuel system, semi-portable fuel systems, ventilation, system testing
 Fire Fighting and Detection Systems: CO detection systems, gasoline and propane detection systems.

Other events occurring during the week include ABYC’s annual meeting and cocktail reception held Jan. 6 from 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., the full-day Marine Law Symposium held Jan. 7, and ABYC Standards Certification course Jan. 8.

More information on Standards Week, ABYC’s annual meeting, and the surrounding events can be found at www.abycstandardsweek.com.

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