Seakeeper launches new Seakeeper 18 model

Seakeeper launched its newest model, the Seakeeper 18, recently at a media event during the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Launched to provide more angular momentum without increasing weight, size or power, the Seakeeper 18 is a new option for boats from 65-75 feet (20-23 meters) or up to 56 tons.

The Seakeeper 18 packs a punch with 18,000 Newton-meter-seconds (N-m-s) of angular momentum, the standard in measuring gyroscopic output, but in the same footprint as the Seakeeper 16 (16,000 N-m-s).

“Customers are demanding the best performance possible,” said Seakeeper president & CEO Andrew Semprevivo. “It’s not about reducing the roll any more, we’re regularly being asked to eliminate it completely. The Seakeeper 18 was developed as a response to that.”

As Seakeeper expands its product line to provide customers with stabilization solutions that fit the needs of individual vessels and their intended use, new models serve to provide additional options rather than replace existing products.

The Seakeeper 16, introduced into the market nearly five years ago, is now installed in approximately 50% of all new boats built in its target size range. The Seakeeper 16 will continue to be available as viable choices in many applications.

The Seakeeper 18 will be available for shipment beginning late 2019 and will retail for $119,900.

Additional specs include:

Weight: 2,244 lbs. (1,108 kg)
Envelope dimensions: 42.6” L x 43.2” W x 32.8” H
Rated speed: 7,000 RPM
Angular momentum: 18,000 N-m-s

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