MIASF announces yacht service apprenticeship program

The Marine Industries Association of South Florida (MIASF) is working with the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) and Atlantic Technical College (ATC) to establish the State’s first registered Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship. The two-year program will give apprentices a basic set of shipyard skills to jump start a career in the marine industry. So far, four South Florida shipyards have committed to enrolling employees in the program starting around July 1s

MIASF director of development and host of the Salty Jobs video series, Sean Smith, said, “The MIASF Education and Workforce Committee, ATC, and FDOE district representatives have been working toward creating an apprenticeship program for approximately three years and have put significant time and energy into ensuring that we developed a sustainable program that benefits both the apprentice and the employer.”

Bob Crawford, ATC Director, said, “ATC is proud to offer another high wage, high skill, and high demand career path that fills a specific need, in this case for the marine industry. Working closely with MIASF and local employers, we have developed a robust curriculum that will help build the necessary marine-related workforce for the future.”

Applications are currently being accepted for a full-time instructor position. Interested parties must have documented knowledge and skills and six years of full-time experience as a shipyard/mega-yacht technician in the areas of rigging, forklift and crane operations, pipefitting/plumbing, welding/fabricating, carpentry, and painting.

Derecktor Shipyard’s business development director, James Brewer, who was an integral part of the team that developed the apprenticeship program, said, “A skilled workforce is critical to the growth of the marine industry here in south Florida, and with many long-term marine industry employees retiring soon this program allows us to begin training the next generation of skilled trade workers that we need.”

For more information or to apply, contact Karen Blakley atkaren.blakley@browardschools.com or 754-321-5118.

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