KOHLER Offers Ignition-Protected Starter on Expanded Range of Marine Generators

KOHLER has announced it is now offering an ignition-protected starter for an expanded range of its marine generators.

The company has rolled out an ignition-protected starter for its 14-40EKOZD/12-35EFKOZD models, which extends the option to all KOHLER marine generators sized between 6kW and 40kW. Generators within this range are ideal for center console boats, which have skyrocketed in popularity among offshore fishermen and other pleasure-craft owners seeking a high degree of versatility on the water.

“With center consoles continuing to connect with today’s boat buyers, we wanted to expand our range of generators with ignition-protected starters,” said Patrick Kline, regional manager for KOHLER marine generators. “These 1800 RPM diesel generators can be sold as either open or closed units and are a perfect fit for the highly adaptable 38- to 60-footers with gasoline engines that are in high demand right now.”

KOHLER marine generators are produced in the United States and distributed globally. The company’s USA, EMEA, Singapore, India, China, Australia and Brazil offices all have dedicated marine personnel supporting a network of regional distributors.

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