Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission announces 2019 Gulf Red Snapper season

At its February meeting in Gainesville, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) set the popular and economically important 2019 Gulf red snapper recreational season to open June 11 through July 12, with a possible fall reopening if quota is available. This season will apply to those fishing from private recreational vessels in state and federal waters and to charter vessels that do not have a federal reef fish permit and are limited to fishing in state waters only.

Anglers fishing from private vessels must get the Gulf Reef Fish Angler designation on their license to participate in this year’s Red Snapper season. For-hire operations that do not have a federal reef fish permit and are limited to state waters only for red snapper fishing must get the State Gulf Reef Fish Charter designation on their license. Learn more about these programs and how to obtain these designations at MyFWC.com/Marine by clicking on “Recreational Regulations,” “Reef Fish” and “Gulf Reef Fish Survey.” 

For more information, view the presentation given at the Commission meeting found at MyFWC.com/Commission by clicking on “Commission Meetings” and the agenda under “February 20-21.” FWC encourages private anglers to share real-time catch data by downloading and using the iAngler Gulf Red Snapper app or the iAngler Gulf Red Snapper Charter app if you are a charter operation.

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