Powerboat registrations, outboard shipments up in October, November

National Marine Manufacturer Association preliminary data for October 2018 shows registrations for new powerboats were up 4.3 percent for the rolling 12-month period year-over-year.

This new data has been updated and is reflected in NMMA’s New Powerboat Registrations Report.

Registrations of new powerboats grew for all segments on both an R12M and R3M YOY basis through October.

Tow boats led growth (up 11.1 percent), followed by personal watercraft (up 7.6 percent) and pontoon boats (up 5.4 percent).

Access to the New Powerboat Registrations Report is complimentary to companies with a Monthly Shipment Report (MSR) annual subscription.

A member company that contributes its data to the MSR also receives free access to NMMA’s New Powerboat Registrations Report.

According to NMMA’s Monthly Shipment Report, U.S. outboard engine wholesale shipments were up 6.5 percent YTD YOY through November for NMMA’s control group of manufacturers, representing 95 percent of the market. 

Growth was led by engines 300 HP & greater (up 29 percent for the same period), followed next by engines between 30 HP & 49.9 HP (up 23.5 percent).

Four-strokes also led gains (up 13.1 percent for the same period). 

Total retail sales based on warranty card registrations were up 3.2 percent YTD YOY through November. 

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