Trailer, boat manufacturers will join NMMA at tariff hearing

This week, National Marine Manufacturers Association Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Legal Affairs Nicole Vasilaros will join NMMA members Magic Tilt Trailers and Sea Eagle Boats in testifying at a U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) hearing regarding the administration’s proposed 10 to 25 percent tariff on $200 billion in Chinese products.

While USTR is no longer accepting requests to testify, written comments can be submitted until Thursday, Sept. 6, and NMMA is encouraging all affected members to raise their concerns.

A full list of items is being targeted by this round of Section 301 tariffs, including boats, marine parts, and trailer tires.

“From tariffs on raw materials and components, to retaliatory tariffs that have frozen international markets for U.S. marine exports, the recreational boating industry continues to bear the brunt of the administration’s trade policies. China is now the fourth country to retaliate against U.S. boats, joining Canada, Mexico, and the European Union – three markets that make up 70 percent of U.S. marine exports,” Vasilaros stated in her written testimony.

She added: “Compounding tariffs have led to the cancelation of millions of dollars of orders for new boats being built in American factories by American workers, resulting in employment changes, canceled expansion plans, and halted growth.”

NMMA and its members are continuing to express strong concerns about this issue, especially in the media.

Over the past few months, NMMA members have garnered nearly 350 media stories, reaching 35 million people in 31 states.

For more information, please contact Vasilaros at or NMMA Director of Federal Affairs Lance West at

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  1. There is only one answer that will finally work from all of us combined to get rid of this ruinous policy of Tariff wars and that is our VOTE for the greater good regardless of Republican or Democrat when the time comes! I’m a Centrist Republican, a dying breed, that used to work and compromise with our opponents across the aisles to get the job done for the overall good of all the peoples of our country and our allies!!

    That has been totally destroyed, especially our country’s reputation over seas as I travel a lot in my business. We are going to pay for it dearly if not already! As individuals our only power is in our VOTE for change and that can happen if we COLLECTIVELY vote for the BEST people who will work TOGETHER to get the best results for our industry and our country’s peoples regardless of their party affiliation, we will prosper and gain back the great respect we had around the World. ( With our present hard right and hard left no compromise legislators that only fight each other I suppose I’m singing in the wind, but I think it’s worth a shot from all of us!)

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