AIRMAR launches new certification for marine installers

AIRMAR Technology Corporation, manufacturer of Chirp-ready transducers, announced the launch of its first ever AIRMAR Certified Installer (ACI) program. The new certification is designed to provide installers of marine electronics with best practices for transducer selection, installation, and diagnostic testing.

ACIs are able to provide customers with an additional third year of warranty coverage on qualifying transducers from the date of installation, versus AIRMAR’s standard two-year warranty from the date of manufacture.

In addition, ACIs are eligible for onboard service reimbursement for any transducer that is within the warranty period, regardless of who installed it.

“AIRMAR is committed to educating marine installers on selecting the right transducer based on their customers’ needs and boat type,” said Jennifer Matsis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “ACI training includes instruction on proper installation techniques for all mounting styles and valuable troubleshooting skills to solve complex onboard issues.”

“In the end, the consumer wins by getting the right transducer properly installed, superior sonar performance, and a third year of warranty coverage,” Matsis added.

Currently, there are 10 course locations with more to be added in the near future.

The course will cover an in-depth education of transducer types, installation methods, troubleshooting and extensive hands-on training with the TDT1000 Transducer Diagnostic Tester.

At the conclusion of the course and prior to the submission of ACI warranty or service claims, technicians must have access to a TDT1000.

Marine technicians can sign up for a free, six-hour certification class in their area by visiting the support section of the AIRMAR website. Class sizes are limited so an early registration is advised.

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