Service same-store sales down 10.8 percent in July

Boat dealer same-store sales were down 1.3 percent in July 2017.

That’s according to the latest report from CDK Global Recreation, which is based on data from users of the company’s Lightspeed software. In June, same-store sales were up 3.4 percent.

Two of the three same-store sales categories were down. The biggest drop was in service sales, which were down 10.8 percent in the 12-month rolling period ending July 2017. Unit sales were down 1.7 percent.

Parts and accessories sales were the only category up in July – up 2.1 percent over the previous year.


  1. Our service sales have been through the roof! Lots of new customers finding us from all around complaining that they can’t get anyone to take care of their needs correctly. Feels like 2007 again! Water Ski Pro Shop, Boise, ID

  2. Fred Muzer

    What does “same store sales mean”? With 49 years in the marine business which includes retail, OEM, and distribution, I have never heard that. What is it other than poor English?

    • Brianna Liestman

      Same-store sales refers to the comparison of sales by the same retail locations over a certain period of time. CDK measures its same-store sales comparing previous years, and these numbers encompass all of its dealers using the CDK Lightspeed system. The data of all of these dealerships are recorded through Lightspeed and provide the results described in the article.

  3. Our service sales have been very strong this spring and summer thru July. Our slowest time of year is normally August and September as our customers are away cruising in August and then hoping to use their boats in September but usually not breaking and repairing them. Year over year we are up in service sales.

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