Axis Wake Research launches new A24

Axis Wake Research launched the new 2018 A24, debuting a new profile and making the Power Wedge II hydrofoil available for the first time on the Axis product. Axis boats are designed, engineered and handcrafted by Malibu Boats in the U.S.

Onboard, a new multi-position Sliding Skybox Seat is featured. The 17-person capacity boat features a front lounge area and storage for a full day’s activities on the water. The A24 is the largest boat from Axis.

“There’s no question that the Axis A24 is the best value in its class,” said Eric Bondy, Malibu Boats vice president of sales and marketing. “The A24 makes an amazing family boat offering something for everyone. You can take a big crew out on the water, and the A24 can customize wakes and waves for any rider. With the addition of Power Wedge II, the infinite wake and wave adjustability previously only available on Malibu takes Axis to a new level.”

The Axis Performance Surf Package, a comprehensive system of wake and wave technologies, includes the debut of the Power Wedge II hydrofoil as an option for all Axis models. The Power Wedge II hydrofoil can add up to 1,500 pounds of additional wake-carving capability. The Power Wedge II is deisgned to make it easier to customize the size, length and shape of the wakeboard wake or surf wave, from Beginner to Advanced.

Combined with the standard Wake Plus hull and up to 3,370 pounds of ballast, the Power Wedge II enables the A24 to generate wakes that have made this Axis model a favorite among pro wakeboarders. The high-speed, hydraulic Surf Gate customizes the wake into a barreling surf wave on either side of the boat, and, combined with Power Wedge II provides adjustability of the wave.

A panel of soft-key switches puts major controls at the driver’s fingertips. With the Surf Band wrist remote, the rider can adjust the Power Wedge II, Surf Gate, boat speed and tower speaker volume right from the water.

The A24’s stereo, which includes helm and transom remotes and multi-zone volume control, routes Surf Gate signaling to the rider through the audio speakers. That way, the rider and the crew know when a side-to-side transition is about to happen. The A24’s dash design features glowing white three-in-one gauges.

As with all Axis models, the standard six-liter Monsoon engine provides 450 pounds per foot of torque with an electric shift.

The new 2018 Axis A24 is available now at Axis retailers.

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