Siren Marine partners with Vodafone on IoT capabilities

Vodafone announced it is working with Siren Marine to bring global Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to vessels all over the world. Using Vodafone’s global IoT SIM, Siren Marine’s next-generation connected boat products will provide private boat owners, fleet managers and boat manufacturers with remote access to vital information about their boats.

With IoT connectivity from Vodafone, Siren Marine’s new MT, MTC and MTC-Pro models will provide boaters the ability to monitor, track, control and secure their boats no matter where they are in the world. By installing a Siren Marine MTC system on board and accessing the Siren Marine app, users can monitor critical information such as battery voltage, temperature, water levels and position monitoring with geofence tracking. Siren Marine users receive instant alerts via smartphone, tablet or computer if a critical event occurs, such as unauthorized entry or water leakage into the boat’s bilge. Users can also remotely control onboard accessories, including spreader lights, remote battery switches, climate control systems and manual bilge pumps; as well as track the exact location and movement of the vessel.

Siren Marine’s next-generation 3G and LTE devices will introduce enhanced connectivity with Vodafone’s IoT capabilities. In addition to providing a secure connection, the technology will allow boaters to travel seamlessly from country to country, without the need to switch SIMs. Vodafone’s global network will allow Siren Marine to expand internationally, as well as play an important role in bringing this technology to all segments of the marine industry.

“Siren Marine products provide boaters around the world with the peace of mind that their boats are always secure and ready to go,” said Capt. Daniel A. Harper, founder and CEO of Siren Marine. “With Vodafone’s global IoT capabilities and expertise in the IoT space, we are able to offer our customers the best coverage and most reliable service, resulting in the best possible boating experience.”

“The Internet of Things is making a major impact in all areas of the transportation industry, from boats, to cars, to motorcycles,” said Vodafone Americas President Andrew Morawski. “IoT is revolutionizing the way we travel and helping to bring the marine industry into the future.”

Siren Marine’s suite of next-generation products will launch in June with the MTC model, followed by the MT and MTC-Pro model releases later this year. To learn more about Siren Marine, and its line of monitoring devices, visit

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