Ralph C. Meloon receives lifetime tribute from Water Ski Hall of Fame

Ralph C. Meloon, son of Correct Craft founder Walter C. Meloon, has been honored with a Special Lifetime Tribute by the Water Ski Hall of Fame. Meloon was recognized at the 35th Annual Water Ski Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held April 29 at Walt Disney’s World Showplace Pavilion at Epcot Theme Park in Orlando.

The Hall of Fame Special Lifetime Tribute celebrates the lives of those ambassadors who have made an extraordinary impact on the sport. These are individuals who have gone above and beyond to enhance water skiing’s positive image on society, broaden the sport’s appeal throughout the world, and whose integrity and dignity set them apart in a special and unique way. They have dedicated their lives to making the sport better for everyone involved.

Meloon, a 2013 NMMA Hall of Fame inductee, held many positions at Correct Craft over the years – including president, executive vice president, treasurer and chairman of the board – for over 25 years. Under Meloon’s leadership, the company established the first water ski team and developed the first water ski promotional program in the United States, which is still used by Correct Craft’s Nautique Boat Company and others in the water sports segment.

Meloon has traveled the globe helping to build Correct Craft and Nautique as brands for water ski and wakeboard enthusiasts worldwide. He has visited 85 different nations through the years and was instrumental in selling boats to water ski federations in numerous countries and attending water ski tournaments.

Today at age 99, Meloon continues to be an important figure in the industry and currently serves as Correct Craft’s chairman emeritus.

“Ralph Meloon is truly an icon in our industry and an important reason why waterskiing is a global sport,” said Correct Craft CEO Bill Yeargin. “I am truly honored to both work with and learn from Ralph and am thrilled that he was recognized with this prestigious honor.”

For more information on the Water Ski Hall of Fame and the USA Water Ski Foundation go to www.waterskihalloffame.com

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