MICD Program marketing creates 800,000 impressions

A multi-pronged marketing partnership with Boating magazine intended to promote and educate consumers on the benefits of buying a boat from a Marine Industry Certified Dealer netted nearly 800,000 digital impressions this summer.

The world’s largest consumer powerboat publication, Boating magazine’s print and digital propeties reach a monthly audience of more than 920,000 people who chance to see what sets a certified dealership apart from the competiion. This was the second consecutive year the MICD Program has teamed with Boating on a consumer marketing campaign.

“We have placed a renewed emphasis on educating potential boat buyers about how doing business with a Certified Dealer not only enhances the purchasing experience but also ensures their continued care and attention long after taking delivery,” Liz Marsha, MICD program coordinator, said. “Becoming a certified dealer isn’t easy. We want the public to see that and appreciate the time and effort required to attain certified status, and we find that partnering with Boating to be an excellent way for us to share these benefits.”

Blending newsletter content, Facebook posts, digital display banners and print advertising, the campaign ran from early April until late June and included custom content across multiple Boating properties. A series of cheeky comics intended to draw distinctions between certified dealers and their non-certified counterparts were also created and posted to social media and the Boating website — capturing more than 2,500 unique visitors.

“Educating the consumer prior to making one of their most important investment purchases should be a top priority of the entire industry, and buying from a certified dealership helps ensure a customer will stay on the water for many years,” Kevin Falvey, editor-in-chief of Boating, said. “We view buying a boat from a great dealer, like certified dealers, as an important element in the buying process.”

The June 2016 print edition of Boating included a full-page color ad exploring the value of certified dealerships, and digital banners were prominently featured on the Boating website from April 1 through June 30. Additionally, a pair of custom eNewsletters were sent in May and June to more than 140,000 confirmed email addresses — resulting in nearly 1,000 visits to the MICD homepage.

The only standardized curriculum designed specifically for marine retailers, dealerships enrolled in the MICD Program routinely capture higher CSI scores and report higher employee satisfaction. More than 75 dealerships have earned Five Star Certified status in 2016.

To learn more about the MICD Program, visit www.MRAA.com/certification.

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