Boatsetter to offer boat rentals to Cuba

Boatsetter will be providing boat rentals and on-the-water experiences for researchers, government officials and vacationers wanting to visit Cuba. The team of experts from the boat rental community includes boat owners and captains who know the Southern waterways, Cuban hotspots and what needs to be done before setting sail.

Boatsetter is offering to walk customers through the process of filling out the right paperwork to finding the right yacht. Boating enthusiasts who are looking for Cuba boat rentals for education, professional research, religious activities, journalism, official U.S. business or have family on the island, have many boat rental options available in Miami and Key West.

“Boatsetter provides a way to connect travelers to destinations and experiences through boat-sharing and rentals where people can taste the life of luxury without having to own a boat capable of traveling from Miami or Key West to Cuba,” said Pablo Vidal Arean, CMO of “Boatsetter’s industry leading boat rental service provides vacationers and locals interested in enjoying the boating lifestyle with easy and affordable access to the water.”

Boatsetter Cuba services include assistance with obtaining visas and adhering to the strict list of guidelines for eligible travel. Boatsetter recommends reserving boat rentals with a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain and before getting underway, to have all boaters file a float plan with a family member or friend, have all of the proper and required safety equipment, wear their life jackets and never operate a vessel under the influence of alcohol or another substance.

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