Glidecoat signs new MRAA partnership

Glidecoat, a provider of products using Smart Surface Technology Nano-composite materials, has joined the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas as a partner member.

Tested extensively by accredited laboratories and shown to deliver superior protection on all forms of water and extreme weather, Glidecoat products can also fully restore the original look and feel of watercraft and provide a permanent, nanoceramic protective coating.

Glidecoat products were recently credited with helping set a world record, as the oldest all-female rowing team called the results seen during their 3,500 mile trek across the Atlantic Ocean “unbelievable.” The women highlighted Glidecoat’s ability to minimize the number of barnacles and drastically reduce salt buildup as key factors in their successful journey from the Canary Islands to Antigua.

“At Glidecoat, supporting the marine industry is core to our business,” Paul Westhorpe, the company’s managing director, said. “With that, we look forward to becoming an active member of the MRAA to help the marine industry continue to grow, but also help educate the consumer and boaters as a whole.”

Glidecoat customizes its products specifically for marine use, and the company’s line of protectants can be applied to a boat’s gel coat, propeller, running gear, stainless steel and fabrics. Damage from salt, acid rain, UV rays, fish blood and exhaust are just a few of the substances Glidecoat products repel.

“A boat represents an enormous investment on the part of a consumer, and Glidecoat has shown it can help protect that investment from a wide range of environmental pollutants,” MRAA President Matt Gruhn said. “Their partnership is another great example of manufactuers and suppliers seeing the value in supporting marine dealers throughout North America.”

Glidecoat joins a continually growing roster of boat manufacturers, vendors and suppliers that have chosen to support the dealer community through partnership with the MRAA.

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