Volvo Penta delivers latest Glass Cockpit system

MIAMI – Volvo Penta released the new generation of Glass Cockpit at the Miami Boat Show. The system is the result of Volvo Penta’s collaboration with Garmin for an advanced monitoring and control system.

The application was first launched in 2013, and in a continuing collaboration with Garmin, is now available for use with both the 7600 and 8600 series of multi-functional displays (MFD) for a wider range of screens.

The enhanced Glass Cockpit system brings a range of benefits to customers, including:

  • Customized layouts so operators can decide when, where and which information is presented, to increase ease of use.
  • Assigning customized layouts to particular buttons on the Volvo Penta control and joystick – by pressing an assigned button, the user activates automatic display of the information they want for any particular situation, enabling overall harmonization.
  • Displays ranging from 7- to 24-inch screens – making the system now available for small sports boats up to large yachts.

Integration of all functions into this system means that drivers can access all operational and monitoring controls on one interface, and change layouts to suit their own particular requirements and wishes, at any given time.

Glass Cockpit can be fully customized for use by operators.

Certain boating functions, such as operating in reverse and using radar, require more focus. For example, by customizing information on layouts and linking them to the control and joystick, drivers can press an assigned button on the joystick, which will bring up the docking camera view on the display.

“While developing the Glass Cockpit system, we had our goal ‘easy boating’ constantly in mind,” says Stefan Carlsson, head of Volvo Penta’s Marine Diesel segment. “With Glass Cockpit you have access to everything that you need to know about the boat displayed on the screens in front of you – the status, the alarm, which functions are on or off, and features such as Autopilot.”

The all-in-one design removes the need for black boxes, extra monitors and external antennas.

“This is a tremendous simplification for the boat builder as well as the end-user,” adds Carlsson.

Glass Cockpit now offers Garmin’s 7600 and 8600 series of multi-function displays (MFD) in sizes from 7 to 24-inches. The wider range of screens means that sports boats right up to large yachts can use the application.

“Customers will now be able to benefit from a fully customizable system, which is also available in a wider range of sizes, making the technology more accessible for all Volvo Penta customers who own any sized boat,” said Carlsson.

The system can access all Garmin Marine Network capabilities including radar, sonar, chart-plotter, 3D maps, tide tables, instruments, FUSION-Link, sensors, digital switching, thermal cameras, GRID and more.

The Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System will be available to purchase exclusively through the Volvo Penta distribution network later this year. Compatible radar, sonar and marine network accessories can be purchased from Garmin retailers.

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