BoatTrack updates Order Pointe software

BoatTrack has announced several enhancements to its Order Pointe software. The application now integrates fully with Infor VISUAL manufacturing ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, and is now cloud-based for reduced cost and ease of access.

Subscription-based Order Pointe is a ssales configuration, costing and production management tool that was developed from the ground up to support boat manufacturers. Users create profiles of their models with all available options, pricing and costs. Order Pointe also analyzes order histories and sales effectiveness, making it a powerful tool for forecasting and planning.

Its new integration with the popular order-driven manufacturing tool Infor VISUAL creates seamless communication and data sharing. This is of great benefit to boatbuilders already using one or both applications, the company said.

Being cloud-based, it’s easier and less expensive to operate than traditional, locally installed software. It’s also available wherever the user happens to be. All that is needed is a PC or Mac with a browser and Internet access. All updates and upgrades are automatic.

BoatTrack is a suite of three modules—Order Pointe, Service Pointe and Dealer Central—that work together to powerfully manage critical aspects of boat manufacturing. Service Pointe will integrate with Infor VISUAL in early 2016 and will become cloud-based around that same time.

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