Cruzin introduces Captains Program

DANIA BEACH, Fla. — Boaters see them around every harbor: people dreamily looking out over the boats, longing to be part of the lifestyle, out on the water. Now, owners can play a part in introducing newcomers to their passion, or aid the shorthanded visitor—and generate extra income while doing so. Cruzin, the nation’s leading boater-to-boater marketplace, introduces its Captains Program.

This new option allows owners to rent their boats, yet remain on board to assist and enhance the renter’s experience, and add another layer of safety to the excursion. The program makes it stress-free for people to list their vessels with Cruzin in a way that best fits their circumstances and preferences. It’s also an exciting new opportunity for people who are looking to rent a boat.

Some renters aren’t quite ready to go it alone or are enthusiastic novices. For these people, Cruzin’s Captains Program is ideal. The USCG-licensed owner can take a renter out for an enjoyable time on the water, and charge extra if they so choose. Many will take pleasure in sharing in the joy of a beginner’s life-changing discovery of boating.

Similarly, the program benefits the veteran boater who wants to rent a boat, but is shorthanded, unfamiliar with local conditions or simply wants to try out a larger or different style of vessel. Qualified owners are now able to accompany these like-minded, experienced people and provide onboard knowledge and valuable expertise of the area. Under the Cruzin program, they can always require that the renter obtain the services of a licensed captain as a condition of renting their boat.

More than a simple charter, Cruzin’s Captains Program brings people together. This social aspect is the very essence of the peer-to-peer (P2P) model. Owners won’t be surprised to increase repeat rentals and form lasting friendships. It is an ideal way for those unfamiliar with P2P to ease into the “sharing” economy.

Rentals through Cruzin’s Captains Program require the owner to be on board and a USCG 6-Pack licensed captain. Online and in-person courses for this certification abound. Experienced boaters will enjoy the studies and should have little difficulty passing the requirements.

Cruzin makes listing a boat quick and easy. Best of all, there is no fee for owners to be part of the Captains Program, but they are free to charge extra for the premium service they offer. And if they so desire, they can easily switch their listing to the traditional Bareboat option.

Like all Cruzin rentals, a $2M hull damage and $1M liability insurance policy and on-water tow assistance are standard with every agreement. Owners always have the final say—setting the price, availability and who the boat is rented to.

Cruzin is the online community where boat owners and renters come together to share a passion. It has listings for power, sail and paddle watercraft nationwide, and is free to join.

Contact Cruzin, 850 NE 3rd St., Suite 206, Dania Beach, FL 33004. 305-600-5435;;

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  1. We are in the process of buying a 49′ defever CPMY. Do you think there would be customer for that size boat. I have a 100 ton CG licience, sail and towing, with many years of boat handling experience. We also have a 34′ auxiliary sloop.

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