Suzuki introduces DF200AP inline four 200 HP 4-stroke outboard motors

MIAMI – Suzuki introduces the DF200AP, which includes similar technologies found in the DF200A as well as new features such as the Suzuki Keyless Start System, Suzuki Precision Control drive-by-wire electronic throttle and shift control and Suzuki Selective Rotation.

Suzuki’s new Keyless Start System replaces the traditional key and keyswitch with an electronic keyfob that transmits an access code to the engine’s starting system. With the keyfob within one yard of the console and the emergency safety lanyard attached, the operator turns on the main switch and presses the start button. The key fob can remain safely in the operator’s pocket. Further, this system serves as a theft deterrent, as the outboards will not start without the proper access code being transmitted by the key fob.

Suzuki’s drive-by-wire system aims to eliminate the friction associated with conventional cable control systems through decisive shifting and smooth throttle response. With Suzuki Precision Control, the DF200AP is also compatible with Suzuki’s optional Precision Maneuvering System for joystick control while docking and electronic power steering while underway.

Suzuki Selective Rotation allows the DF200AP to be set-up to run in either standard or counter rotation, including forward and reverse drive gears and a 2.50:1 gear ratio.

Suzuki outboards, from the smallest up to the 300HP V6s, fit on standard 26-inch mounting centers.

For more information on the new Suzuki DF200A and DF200AP, or on any of Suzuki’s 4-stroke outboards from 2.5 to 300 horsepower, visit or call 714- 996-7040, extension 2234.


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