Brunswick, Mercury Marine lend support to fight against E15

FOND DU LAC, Wis. – Brunswick Boat Group and Mercury Marine are encouraging boaters and dealers to follow the lead of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) as they continue to advocate the “Look Before You Pump” campaign aimed at the prevention of E15 in marine engines. E15 is gasoline that contains 15 percent ethanol and is extremely harmful to marine engines.

Today, the NMMA announced that it will distribute “Look Before You Pump” messaging and materials in an effort to help consumers safeguard their boat.

“Most boats are fueled up at gas stations, and many of those stations have not posted the required fuel use warning labels,” said Brunswick Corporation Director of Product Integrity/Government Affairs Dave Marlow. “If E15 becomes the most common fuel at those pumps, we are concerned about how the consumer will make the right choice and not misfuel their vessel; thereby voiding their engine’s warranty and potentially causing engine failure.”

“Using gasoline with ethanol levels above 10 percent can harm your engine and fuel system components,” said Mercury Marine Vice President, Global Category Management Marty Bass. “We will continue to fight against E15 in marine engines and know the OPEI and NMMA will do the same. We need to get this message in the hands of every boater before they fill-up because if they don’t know, they could damage their engine. Most of these failures don’t occur at the dock, but rather while you are on the water, which then becomes much more dangerous.”

The “Look Before You Pump” campaign provides boaters with information and statistics that show the damaging effects of a 15 percent ethanol blend on the life and performance of a marine engine. Boaters are encouraged to read their operating manual before filling up to ensure that they are using fuel that is safe for the engine. For more information, visit

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