Bayliner: Boat show sales up 11.7 percent

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Bayliner has announced that boat show sales are up 11.7 percent over last year in the first quarter, and the boating manufacturer anticipates greater successes throughout 2014.  Andrew Mahadevan, Bayliner’s Vice President of Sales and Global Planning attributes the success to several factors.  “There is a tremendous amount of momentum with the Bayliner brand in the market place right now.  In the past year, we have launched six all new platforms that resonate with what the market desires – intuitive, purpose built product that brings value to the customer.  It’s that product, coupled with the Big Deal promotion, and a solid foundation of the world’s best dealers that has equated to success.”

Bayliner’s Big Deal promotion ran through the boat show season and coupled retail incentives with extended warranties on select models.  “The Big Deal gave us the opportunity to showcase our newly designed deck boats, and prove we are willing to stand behind our product,” Mahadevan continues, “The results show us that customers see the value in the brand and know that 6 consecutive CSI awards are not easily earned.”

This February, Bayliner unveiled the brand-new Element XL at the Miami International Boat Show, where the model achieved “unanimous acclaim,” said Bayliner Brand Manager Michael Yobe. The latest addition to the revolutionary Element Series, the XL has reached the watermark of its predecessor’s popularity according to several marketing metrics. Yobe reports that this means the Element Revolution has taken hold and the 18-foot XL is on pace to be the most successful launch since the original Element.

“The Bayliner team is exceptionally proud of the Element XL launch,” Yobe said. “The Element series is a revolution in on-water accessibility and family fun, and we think the excitement around the XL has definitely invigorated interest in the rest of our lineup as well.”

“Bayliner’s initial success in 2014, along with our plans for the balance of the year, underscores that this year is going to be an excellent one,” Mahadevan said.


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