West Marine accepting nominations for ‘Green Product of the Year’

WATSONVILLE, Calif. – West Marine’s annual “Green Product of the Year” contest has begun accepting nominations for 2011 and is expanding to include all areas of the U.S., Puerto Rico and parts of Canada.

West Marine is hoping that the contest will inspire the marine industry to create environmentally friendly products designed to protect oceans and waterways, West Marine CEO Geoff Eisenberg said in a press release.

The contest is free and open to individuals, manufacturers, distributors, and inventors of boating products. Entries will be judged on 5 criteria:

Effectiveness: is the product effective as competitors in the marketplace?

Economical: Is the product priced competitively to other products in the market?

Environmental Impact: How does the product benefit the environment?

Degree of Innovation: Was the product introduced in 2010 or 2011, or will it be introduced in 2012? Is it a novel product? Different from anything else in the marketplace?

Verification of Claims: All claims of environmental efficacy must be verifiable and entries must provide actual data, test results, laboratory analyses, etc., by an independent third party.

Participants can enter the contest through December 1, 2011. More information, including complete rules and entry requirements, can be found at the West Marine BlueFuture: Green Product of the Year website.

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