High waters means potential no wake zones

KIMBALL, Minn. — Some lakeshore owners are petitioning for larger no-wake zones as high waters threaten lakeshore property.

According to an article in USAToday, homeowners at Lake Carnelian in Minnesota want a no-wake policy enforced to prevent waters from washing out backyards.

Dennis Johnson helped organize a petition of homeowners who are asking count officials to enact and enforce a no-wake zone in the entire lake. Resorts and boaters are opposed to a no-wake lake, as it could harm business.

Other areas considering greater no-wake policies include:
•Douglas County, Minn., adopted a no-wake zone Aug. 9 on about 20 of its largest lakes where boating, water-skiing and tubing are popular pastimes.
•Wright County, Minn., adopted a no-wake zone July 26 for more than a dozen lakes.
•Dane County, Wis., has a permanent rule prohibiting wakes within 200 feet from shore on its lakes.

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