Boat launch gates considered in zebra mussel fight

SHOREWOOD, Minn. — The Lake Action Alliance, a citizen group of lakeshore homeowners and preservationists, are seeking to lock out boaters who do not have an invasive species inspection.

Under the pilot project, the group wants to put up gates at public access ramps on Christmas and Lotus lakes. Upon receiving an inspection, boaters would receive an access code to the gates.

“What we’re after is a cost effective way to ensure 100 percent inspection of all boats that enter the water,” Lake Action Alliance’s Steve Jenks said to KARE. The group is particularly interested in stopping the spread of zebra mussels.

The plan is approved by one municipality, but is awaiting approval from others. It is also awaiting approval from the state department of natural resources. Each gate costs $17,000 and the group hopes to have them in service before the end of summer.

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