Lake Havasu City hails Designated Operator program

LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. – Lake Havasu City Police Department has declared the Carry a Designated Operator safety campaign a success after a safe Fourth of July holiday weekend, according to a release from the Lake Havasu Marine Association.

In the release, Richie Sloma, lieutenant of the Lake Havasu City Police Department, said the overall number of arrests was comparable to a normal, non-holiday weekend on the lake and a majority of people utilized designated operators.

The San Bernandino Sheriff’s Department reported no injuries resulting from a boating accident and recorded only four operating under the influence arrests, Sgt. Time Smith said in the release.

“Persuading the boating public to voluntarily adopt the Designated Operator concept so there’s always a sober driver at the helm is much better than enacting new laws and restrictions that punish boaters. We’re not advocating taking the fun and enjoyment out of boating, only to make sure that it is done in a safe, sober and responsible way,” Jim Salscheider, executive director of the Lake Havasu Marine Association, said in the release.

The Designate Operator campaign will continue through this fall.

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