Pontoon decking business pleased with pontoon outlook

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The company Gold River Productions Inc. is taking a closer look at its pontoon boat decking business, as industry sources say pontoon boat sales increased in the past year.

“This bodes well for us as the pontoon boat decking portion of our business plan will be the first product off of the production line,” John Ohlin, president of Gold River Productions, said in a press release. “The market for these products exceeded $1 billion in 2010, industry-wide. “

Ohlin said the company’s business plan calls for sales from the pontoon boat segment to exceed $15 million by the fifth year of business. The company also sees opportunity in the houseboat segment.

“We expect total sales from the marine and our patent pending P.V. solar roof segments to exceed $80 million in the same period. With our ability to reduce the weight of pontoon boats decking, house boats, utility trailers, towable RVs, horse trailers, and city delivery truck bodies by 30%-40%, which significantly lowers operating costs which only seem to get higher each year, our business in these market segments will provide wonderful growth in the years to come for our company and investors,” Ohlin said.

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