Hawaii insurer rejects boat claims for tsunami damage

HONOLULU, Hawaii — Boat owners moored in Keehi Marine Center in Keehi Harbor say that their insurance claims for boat damage during the March 11 tsunami will not be covered by insurance.
According to a report on KITV4 News, the insurance company claims the damage was due to an “act of God” and not covered. Several boat owners have received a letter from Keehi Marine Center and its liability insurer, Travelers, rejecting their claims.
Docks were destroyed in the tsunami, and boats are now anchored to individual moorings.
Boat owners have met with State Civil Defense Chief Ed Teixeira and State Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland, who represents the area, to discuss the matter.
KITV4 reports that Teixeira said boaters have filed 12 claims with the state to pay for damage to boats when the tsunami hit. State piers at Keehi sustained about $6.2 million damage from the tsunami, he said, and the state will use funds from federal disaster assistance to replace two docks at Keehi.
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