Nautic Global Group rolls out boat show promotion

ELKHART, Ind. – Nautic Global Group has launched the 2010 Spend It Wisely Sales Event, a promotion designed to create urgency and stimulate sales during the 2010 boat show season by providing retail boat buyers rebates and free options for some boats, the company reported in a recent statement.

“We believe that boat shows provide the best venues for lead generation and sales for our dealer network during the winter months, and we want to help them close the sale at or soon after the shows,” said Chief Sales Officer Rick Gasaway. “The Spend It Wisely Sales Event resonates well with customers looking for the best possible deal.”

For every boat sold during the promotional period, the company is making a donation to Project Healing Waters, a charity whose mission is to use fishing and fly tying as physical and emotional therapy for injured veterans returning from war. Additionally, Nautic Global Group is contributing to the National Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees to offset the carbon footprints of every boat sold during the promotional period.

Nautic Global Group said it is utilizing redistributed Grow Boating funds to supplement the rebates and advertising campaign associated with the Spend It Wisely Sales Event.

“As pledged when NMMA and Grow Boating, Inc. voted to redistribute the funds, Nautic Global Group is committed to helping our dealers move their inventory and generate sales,” said Nautic Global Group Marketing Director Steve Tadd, who is also NMMA’s former Grow Boating director. “Last year, we surveyed our dealer network to identify the most effective use of these funds. We continue to utilize these funds as directed by our dealer network, by providing and promoting cash rebates on new boats of any model year.”

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