Defender reports sixth year of record sales

WATERFORD, Conn. – Marine outfitter Defender Industries reported this week that 2009 marked its sixth consecutive year of record sales and its eighth-straight year of solid growth.

The company said in a release that it saw an increase of 29.3 percent in fourth quarter sales and a gain of 10.2 percent for the year ended Dec. 31.

“Our sales set new all-time records in eight months of 2009, including the last seven consecutive months of the year, all of which were up by double digits,” Executive Director Al Knupp said in the release. “The quarterly results clearly show that after a slow start this year, our customers – who tend to be more experienced, knowledgeable boaters – are spending increasing amounts of money on their boats.”

According to the company, it saw 0.5 percent growth in Q1, 3.4 percent growth in Q2, 17.1 percent growth in Q3, and before realizing its largest growth in Q4.

“Defender‘s exceptionally strong financial position enables us to increase inventories as needed to offset supplier delivery issues and take advantage of special purchasing opportunities, while continuing to strengthen our relationships with the top marine manufacturers in the industry,” Stephan Lance, Defender vice president, said in the release. “This helps our customers, our suppliers, our business, and ultimately the marine industry and boating in general – it’s a win for everybody.”

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