Star Brite agrees to remove ValvTect references from PowerPoint

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Star Brite Inc., without admitting liability or wrongdoing, has agreed to remove references to ValvTect products from a PowerPoint presentation that ValvTect said was false and disparaging, according to a statement from Jerry Nessenson, president of ValvTect Petroleum Products. Nessenson said the move could open the door for a settlement of an ongoing dispute between Star Brite and ValvTect.

Last month, Star Brite filed a federal lawsuit against ValvTect seeking damages for what it said were misleading advertising claims. In response, ValvTect said it was considering legal action because of claims made in Star Brite’s PowerPoint presentation.
Nessenson said he received the offer, which he has accepted, in the form of a letter from Star Brite’s attorney.

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