Manheim Specialty Auctions offers dealers tips

ATLANTA, GA – Manheim’s Specialty Auction has created its first-ever tips for dealers considering use of auction sales and released its May auction schedule, it reported in a recent statement.

“Specialty and Heavy Truck and Equipment sales are growing in popularity with dealers,” said Karen Braddy, general manager of Specialty and Heavy Truck and Equipment sales for Manheim. “Our goal is to continue to educate dealers on ways to take advantage of these sales and make it easier for them to locate sale locations.”

Tips for dealers who are considering buying units for the first time:

  • Call ahead. Auctions often have designated staff to help first-time buyers or sellers register for the sale and understand how the auction works.
  • Review inventory before auction arrival. Deciding which boats, RVs or trucks to look at before sale day can save time. Dealers can hand-pick what they want to see before they arrive, research prices and make educated buying decisions.
  • Find out about services. Some auctions offer specialized staffing and services to registered dealers. These services include inspections, reconditioning and mechanical repairs that are designed to get vehicles ready for sale quickly.
  • Know the benefits. Auction staff can often help dealers understand pricing, the benefits of guaranteed titles and funds, and how they can improve their bottom lines. For sellers, having the right buyers bidding together keeps wholesale prices competitive.
  • Use online tools. Using online resources like PowerSearch, Simulcast and lets dealers do their homework before the sale and prepares them to buy and sell with confidence.
  • Below is the Specialty sales schedule for May:

  • Manheim Daytona – May 12, May 20
  • Manheim Lakeland – May 13, May 20
  • Manheim Milwaukee – May 13
  • Manheim DRIVE – May 18
  • Manheim New York – May 19
  • Manheim Kansas City – May 20
  • Manheim Missouri – May 21
  • Manheim Southern California – May 21, May 28
  • Manheim Ft. Worth – May 22
  • Manheim Minneapolis – May 27
  • Manheim Nashville – May 27
  • Manheim Tucson – May 27
  • Manheim Pensacola – May 28
  • For more tips on using auction services, dealers can look for the feature story, “Auction Items,” to be published in the June issue of Boating Industry magazine.

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