ADP partners with V-SEPT

SALT LAKE CITY – Dealer management services provider ADP Lightspeed has entered into a joint venture with V-SEPT, a customer relationship management provider, in developing an integrated CRM and DMS solution, the companies said in a release yesterday.

This new partnership will create what the companies say is a powerful tool for marine dealers to increase customer loyalty, track customer purchase habits and improve lead management.

“By combining the industry’s leading DMS with a versatile CRM, marine dealers will have relevant, updated and individualized information on every one of their customers, giving them the ability to personalize services and marketing,” said Laurn Rice VP of ADP Lightspeed. “ADP Lightspeed’s CRM helps dealers strengthen the most valuable asset they can own: customer loyalty.”

The new CRM integrates directly with the data contained within ADP Lightspeed’s dealer management system, giving dealers a view into individual customers’ purchasing preferences and habits increasing the dealer’s ability to target specific customer segments with improved accuracy, according to the press release.

Dealers will have the capability to identify sales opportunities based on customer activity, maximize lead management and personalize every dealer/customer contact.

ADP Lightspeed is leveraging V-SEPT’s CRM knowledge in developing the integrated CRM service and plans to use the platform to accelerate the release of its CRM.

“Our goal is to empower dealerships with the best, most innovative tools and technology to make them more successful,” said James Vaughn, president and CEO of V-SEPT, Inc. “This new strategic relationship will provide Marine dealers with state-of-the-art sales lead tracking and marketing tools - enabling the delivery of seamless, professional customer service throughout all areas of the dealership.”

Development has already begun on integrating the CRM system and is anticipated for general release in ADP Lightspeed’s DMS fall 2008. The CRM/DMS solution will connect directly to share information in real time on customers’ purchases and activity. After initial launch, ADP Lightspeed will continue to develop additional features and functionality to maximize dealer usability, according to the release.

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