Viking Yacht Co. expansion underway

NEW GRETNA, N.J. – The framework for Viking Yacht Co.’s new 120,000 square feet building has been completed, the company reported in a statement today. The new building is expected to be in operation by December.

The addition, part of Viking Yachts’ ongoing expansion plans, will join two existing buildings, which house the executive and administrative offices, the warehouse, the metal shop and the four production lines, according to Viking. Designed to enhance efficiencies in operation, the two production lines where the 74, 68, 64 and 60 Convertibles are built will move into the new addition known as Building 2N. A 50-foot tall mezzanine with elevator service will separate these two production lines from the remaining two lines, where the 56, 54, 52, 48 and 45 models are built. The newly created space will afford a better working and less cluttered environment for boat building, the company stated.

Viking also plans to move its five-axis profiler into the new building. Capable of carving mold components up to 60-feet long by 20-feet wide by 10-feet tall, the new structure will help the company focus on upcoming models like the 82 Convertible.

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