Island Packet Yachts funds scholarships

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Island Packet Yachts has funded a new scholarship for current Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology students, Westlawn said in a press release today.

Having also sponsored the Westlawn Cruising World design competition, Island Packet has offered additional support for Westlawn students.

The Island Packet Scholarship will be awarded to all Westlawn students who enroll in Module 2 of the four-module yacht design program. Students moving from Yacht Design Lite into Module 2 also qualify. Students who have maintained an 85 percent grade point average or higher will receive $250 when they enroll in Module 2. The scholarship is available for students who enroll after Sept. 1. It cannot be applied retroactively. The Island Packet Scholarship will remain available to all qualifying Westlawn students until the sponsorship funds are expended.

“We look forward to being able to assist Westlawn students who are doing well in the course,” said Bob Johnson, Island Packet president. “Having had a Westlawn graduate on our design team for many years, we know how important it is to encourage students to stick with their work and continue on to get their Westlawn diploma.”

“Island Packet’s generous support for Westlawn students is invaluable,” added Dave Gerr, Westlawn director. “This kind of encouragement and additional recognition from the industry makes a huge difference.”

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