SplashVision.com to target boating industry

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Video portal SplashVision.com will target ship and yacht brokers along with boat traders around the globe, allowing them to broadcast their listings without any fees, it reported in a recent statement.

“SplashVison is a media lifestyle site for people who live, work and recreate in and around the water,” said Todd Weider, CEO of SplashVision. “The site allows users to upload, view and share video clips. We are on the verge of changing the way ships, boats and large yachts are sold on the web. When you sell a boat or a ship the approach of your presentation needs to be leading edge. We have created tools for our users which will differentiate their listings without any fees.”

Users can come to the site to interact with like minds and watch the latest user generated online videos (UGOV) as well as to view and search videos, images and slide shows of vessels for sale and charter.

“The beauty is a visitor to the site may not have had any intent of looking for a new boat, but while browsing the huge database of videos and photos the listing has become part of the experience,” Weider explained. “The content will now become entertainment for buyers and not a static classified or sales listing.”

The listings can also be distributed across the Internet. Embedding allows brokers and boat traders who want to advertise another broker’s listing (photos, videos or slide shows) hosted on SplashVision anywhere on the web. For added control, the user who listed the vessel can restrict embedding. By setting the listing to restricted it can only be shown on SplashVision.

The site is a community media portal, free to users, and displays a variety of video content, including movie clips, and amateur content such as videoblogging. Among many other videos are short promotional films of mega yachts and smaller boats from manufactures for sale and charter. The company said its new features in development are set for release to coincide with the Monaco Yacht Show, Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans and the Palm Beach International Yacht Show.

“SplashVision is partnering with leading brokers in a unique and revolutionary way to provide them with technology that has not been available before now,” Weider concluded. “Our tools will allow brokers and boat traders the ability to capture the consumer, control their assets, and generate non-commission revenue.”

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