Bring new people into boating

Leads from the Discover Boating campaign are different than most leads dealers receive and they should be treated that way. Someone who understands that well is Joe Lewis, general manager of Mount Dora Boating Center and Marina (Ranked 91 in 2006).

As his dealership began to receive leads from the Discover Boating effort, Lewis says it quickly became clear that the people he was talking to were not yet in a position to make a decision about buying a boat. There were still in the discovery stage.

Because of this, people at Mount Dora began “setting our sights on how we can help them make that decision,” Lewis says. “And what it boiled down to was we needed to become more of a resource for them to learn more about boating, learn more about the different types of boats, their applications, what the opportunities were for them locally to enjoy their boats. Where else was there for them to go to enjoy their boats. Being able to invite them down here to learn more about this thing called boating and what it’s all about.”

Mount Dora has planned monthly events designed to do just that. For example, the dealership will invite Discover Boating leads to special events the day before Mother’s Day and the day before Father’s Day, where the whole family is taken on a boat ride.

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