Let customers know they’re important

Comstock Yacht Sales (Ranked 26 in 2005) gives the F.U.$.$. Follow-Up Sales Systems’ Very Important.Customer (V.I.C.) Gold Card out to new and used boat customers. Used boat customers’ cards expire after one year and new boat owners’ cards expire after two years.

The V.I.C. Gold Card made its debut at F.U.$.$. in February 1995. The card, an add-on for F.U.$.$. customers, resembles a faux credit card, with the owner’s name, an expiration date and the make and model of the boat the owner bought in raised letters. On the back of the card, dealers can choose what offers or discounts they would like to make available to their V.I.C.s.

At Comstock, customers can receive specials during the summer, discounted gas prices and a special on winter storage, said Chip Gahr, president and GM of Comstock Yacht Sales.

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